Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down!

Weebles came in many guises. There were Weeble toys, Weeble accessories, Playskool Weebles, Airfix Weebles, Hasbro Weebles, boy Weebles, girl Weebles, animal Weebles, Disney Weebles.. the list is endless.

Check out our photo gallery for some Weeble examples.

weeble boy milky bar kid weeble weeble
Mr Plod Weeble Noddy Weeble Big Ears Weeble
Weebles Weebalot Castle Airfix Weebles
Weebles catalogue layout

Due to the nature of this website, it is impossible for us to trace the original owners of some of these images. If you are the copyright owner of any of these images and would prefer us not to use them, please let us know and we will immediately remove them from the site.

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Image Product Price
2009 Hasbro Romper Room Weebles Weeble Wobble 1 And 14$4.50
Lot Of 25 Vintage Hasbro Weebles Cool Collection plus more$14.99
Playskool Weebles Wobbles Lot of 10 - Hasbro 2005 2009$28.00
Weebles 1976 Hasbro Vintage Haunted House Romper Room$25.00
2003 Hasbro Weeble Weebles Wobble 2004 Boy Elephant 3" Figure$3.99
Vintage Romper Room Weebles Haunted House$20.00
2009 Hasbro Weebles Wobble Tree House Musical Playset With 4 Figures & Scooted$29.99
Lot of 6 Weeble Wobbles 2009 Hasbro #16 17 27 28 55 56 Astronaut Reindeer Elf$9.99
Vintage Hasbro WEEBLE WOBBLE  Western Cowboy Horse and Wagon with 4 figures$10.50
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